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Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Win Friends School Mock Primaries

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

On March 12th and 13th, the Quaker Quill held mock primary elections for the Democratic and Republican parties. The votes have been counted and here are the results:

Democratic Party:

Overall Winner: Bernie Sanders (55%)

Votes by Grade:

9th Grade Winner: Bernie Sanders (72%)

10th Grade Winner: Bernie Sanders (50%)

11th Grade Winner: Joe Biden (52%)

12th Grade Winner: Joe Biden (52%)

Here’s what the delegate count would look like if each grade was Maryland. Maryland has 96 total delegates, and any candidate needs 15% of the vote to get them.

9th Grade: Biden 28, Sanders 68

10th Grade: Biden 43, Sanders 53

11th Grade: Biden 51, Sanders 45

12th Grade: Biden 51, Sanders 45

TOTAL: Biden 173, Sanders 211

Votes Counted on https://www.270towin.com/2020-democratic-delegate-calculator/

Republican Party:

Overall Winner: Donald Trump (70%)

Votes By Grade:

9th Grade Winner: Bill Weld (67%)

10th Grade Winner: Donald Trump (90%)

11th Grade Winner: Donald Trump (60%)

12th Grade Winner: Donald Trump (75%)

The Republican party in Maryland allocates delegates with the winner takes all (split) formula. Each congressional district gives delegates based on who the winner was, and there is also a statewide allocation. Maryland has a total of 38 delegates, so let’s say each grade is a congressional district that can award nine delegates, and the state gives an additional 2 (This is a hypothetical situation to represent our school’s election - not realistic to Maryland with 8 congressional districts).

9th Grade: Weld 9

10th Grade: Trump 9

11th Grade: Trump 9

12th Grade: Trump 9

State: Trump 2

TOTAL: Trump 29, Weld 9

Cover Image: Courtesy of Snopes


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