• Henry Geller

Friends STRIDEs for Enhanced Remote Learning in 2020-2021 School Year

While many of us are hopeful that we will be back on campus come late August, it is important to know that school will probably look different than it has in past years. While being optimistic is important during a global pandemic, it is also necessary to be prepared for any obstacle that is thrown at us.

A possible outcome for fall 2020 is that we will be continuing our remote learning, which is why Friends School has partnered with Constellation Learning to introduce the STRIDE program (Strategic Transition to Remote Instruction Designed for Excellence) for our teachers this summer that will enhance our distance learning experience during this unprecedented moment in history.

Head of School Matt Micciche says he wants to “make sure we have an outstanding educational program” next year, and STRIDE will help teachers meet this goal.

Throughout the summer, teachers will work for roughly 40 hours, both individually and in cohorts to develop a curriculum that is best for learning in an online environment. Additionally, teachers will attend classes and collaborate to ensure that the 2020-2021 school year will be meaningful no matter what the circumstances are.

Micciche has confidence that our teachers will be able to master remote-learning going forward. He notes that this year, our teachers “have responded heroically” to the sudden change that needed to take place due to the spread of coronavirus. He has also been impressed with the courage of the students and parents during the transition to remote learning and is certain that they will be able to continue next year no matter what changes arise in Friends’ education programs.

As of now, it is hard to imagine what Fall 2020 will look like due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, social distancing orders, and stay at home orders. Multiple changes have been made to CDC guidelines, state of Maryland orders, and Baltimore City over the past few months, and these policies and protocols are likely to change again over the summer, potentially altering what our first semester will look like.

Friends could adopt a hybrid system of learning to allow some students on campus, but as of now, we don’t know what the world will look like in three months when we are scheduled to return. As Mr. Micciche put it, it is everyone’s “strong preference” to return to campus in the fall, but the safety of students and adults will be the priority when making a decision.


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