• Will Tannebaum

Advice for Valentine's Day

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

My fellow single men:

Yes it's that time of year. The day that we have to watch all of the guys with girlfriends go on dates while we sit at home playing Xbox, wondering where it all went wrong. It’s truly inevitable that we will be depressed on this day. However, here are some helpful tips to minimize the impact.

1. Have a sad boi playlist:

Having a sad boi playlist is one of the best tips I can give. I usually tend to run mine for roughly 2-3 hours. If you need songs don’t hesitate to contact me.

2. Stay offline:

What really makes us depressed is when we see pics of couples together on social media. Staying offline may seem difficult, but it is better than crying at home.

3. Take advantage of the Unicef Crush Cans drive

No, don't buy a can for your crush. What you need to do is buy 3-4 cans for yourself and make it look like you're a big shot. Plus you get a soda out of it.

4. Stay away from nice restaurants:

If you go to a nice restaurant your one-hundred percent going to see couples sharing food and being all gross and romantic. Popeyes or McDonald’s are my go to restaurants for this day.

5. Last but not least, find a non sexy activity to distract yourself with. Don’t pick a short activity like watching a movie. Go big and take up the whole day. For example, last Valentine’s day I took apart my bed and put it back together. It may seem stupid, but it actually works.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and I hope that your Valentines day struggles are minimized.


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