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A Look Into The Life of Miss Korea

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There is much more to Korea Rollins (Miss Korea), the Friends School of Baltimore lunch lady, than most of the students and faculty know. She has been working at Friends for almost 16 years. Everyone in the Friends community loves Miss Korea and one friend said, “she is my favorite staff member in the dining hall and she brightens my day whenever I see her.” As much as Friends students and faculty enjoy seeing her every day, Miss Korea loves seeing the students and faculty even more. “My favorite part of my job is meeting new people everyday and interacting with the Friends community,” she said.

Miss Korea adds, “spending time with my family and friends is one of the most important things to me.” Since Miss Korea is so committed to everything she does, she has little free time. When she does have a free moment, she likes going to happy hours, bowling, and she enjoys working on her entertainment company.

Miss Korea says, “music has always been a passion of mine since I was a child,” and because of that she decided to go work in the music industry. With experience she gained a distinct understanding of how she wanted to work, and she noticed that her vision did not align with the people with whom she was working. Miss Korea’s vision is to “help our youth because [she] believes it is one of the most important things and [she] believes our youth needs to be heard.” Since her vision differed from her colleagues, she took a huge leap and started her own entertainment company.

Today, Miss Korea has a successful company called “Tru 2 U Entertainment” and she works with one artist whose real name is “Alexis Harris,” but her stage name is “Chink OTR.” Chink OTR has worked with Miss Korea for six years, and in those six years Miss Korea has helped her grow her rapping career.

Tru 2 U Entertainment schedules shows for Chink OTR all over Baltimore. For example, she has had rapping gigs at the Baltimore Cultural Arts Center, Saint Mary's Arts Center, and many other locations. Miss Korea says along with helping Chink OTR get gigs, she also gives her advice on her music lyrics, which she “gets from everyday experiences.” Tru 2 U Entertianment also helps Chink OTR find other musicians for collaboration.

When Miss Korea is not working on Tru 2 U Entertainment, she enjoys listening to music. Her favorite genres of music are R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel. Some of her favorite artists include, “Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and TLC.” Additionally, Miss Korea also wrote and published a poetry book.

In her book of poetry, “A Sensual Soul,” Miss Korea observes her surroundings, and she finds ways to express how she feels about moments in her everyday life.

“A Sensual Soul” was published in 2003 and it has been selling ever since. This book is mainly about love, life, and everyday occurrences. Some poems include, “Lost Love,” “Heartbroken,” and “Black Love.” The poem “Lost Love,” is about love for a lost companion, as seen through the quote, “but my love for you still burns so deep inside my heart” (Rollins 12-13).

Religion also influences Miss Korea’s poetry, and is an important part of her life. Two of her poems about religion are, “Preachers Call” and “Why I Pray.” In the poem “Why I Pray,” she writes, “he knows all my flaws but brings me joy anyway. And that is the reason every night I pray” (Rollins 8). In addition to having others read the poetry in her book, Miss Korea has performed her poetry live.

Miss Korea performed at Larry Stewarts, a bar in downtown Baltimore, which has an open mic night where poets put, “their thoughts into words, young writers hope to stir things up” (Texeria).

Her friends and family know her as an amazing, independent woman who can conquer anything she puts her mind to. She has proven this to them through her successful entertainment company Tru 2 U Entertainment, and through her poetry career of which she has devoted her life. The Friends School of Baltimore faculty and student body know Miss Korea as the “phenomenal lunch lady,” who can put a smile on anyone’s face.


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